1. This is a long overdue letter to thank you and all those who helped in caring for John in those last weeks he spent at Westhampnett. He was most fortunate in having a peaceful end in your care. One hears so much in the media about care homes but we were blessed in that he was so well cared for while so very sick with cancer and Parkinson's disease. We saw kindness and consideration from all; from the medical, nursing and care staff, and all those in the day to day running of the house which had such a calm friendly atmosphere. Sadly this is not something which one can always take for granted; we were fortunate and I know that John would want to echo my thanks to you all. Very Sincere thanks to you and your team. Christine, and our sons Alex and Max
  2. I would like to thank you for the care, support, kindness, help and compassion you gave to my Mum and myself particularly on the day she passed away. I cannot thank you enough for helping Mum to be as comfortable as possible on her last day and helped me to have the strength and courage to be with her as she peacefully passed away. Thank you once again. J.Tudor
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